Investigating employee work-place complaints (including complaints of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and unethical conduct) is a best practice for employers and can limit an employer's legal liability in the event of a lawsuit. Effective investigations can also help a company identify and resolve internal issues before they develop into a lawsuit.  


Using an independent and experienced third party to conduct an investigation can increase the credibility of the investigation and its ultimate results.

Sara Kula Law conducts independent, neutral and thorough investigations.  Please call or email for more information.

Workplace Investigations

Dispute Resolution Services

Resolving work-place conflicts internally before they become legal disputes creates good-will, minimizes workplace disruption and saves time and money.  In cases where internal solutions are not possible, arbitration is an effective and efficicient alternative to court.


Sara Kula provides advice to employers on how to implement conflict management practices, including internal grievance processes and arbitration procedures.

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