For Businesses that seek to ensure legal compliance:


You wouldn’t operate your business without liability insurance. You shouldn’t operate your business without employment law compliance either. 

A multitude of federal, state and local laws govern the employment relationship, from hiring, to compensation, to leave management, to separation and beyond. 


Contact Sara Kula Law for assistance with:

  • Proper employee onboarding procedures

  • Handbook and policy drafting

  • Wage and hour compliance

  • Disability and leave management

  • Dealing with difficult employees and responding to employee complaints

  • Other HR best practices

For Employees whose legal rights have been violated by a current or former employer:

Employers have an obligation to comply with various federal, state and local laws.  When employers fail to meet this responsibility, Kula Law assists employees in seeking a remedy for the violations of their legal rights.

Consider contacting Sara Kula Law if you are/were:

  • Looking for assistance negotiating a separation package

  • Discharged for an unlawful reason (e.g., age or disability discrimination)

  • Denied a leave or other accommodation for a medical issue

  • Subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace

  • Not paid overtime or other proper wages

  • Subjected to other unlawful forms of discrimination, harassment or retaliation


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